Combined Workshop + Bird of Prey Experience

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Combined Workshop + Bird of Prey Experience


If you have ever wondered how falconry works and what a falconer needs to do in order to train and fly birds of prey, then this fascinating insight and hands-on experience is for you!

  • Approximately 90 minutes

  • Price is for 1 person

  • Recommended maximum number of participants: 4

  • The experience is exclusive to you / your group

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What will the combined falconer's workshop + bird of prey experience include?

Typically, this experience includes:

  • the fascinating story of how Steve became a countryman and self-taught falconer
  • learning about the ancient art of falconry
  • weighing a bird of prey as you discover the importance of weight management in falconry
  • discovering the traditional equipment and terminology still used by falconers today
  • having a go at making your own falconry equipment
  • handling a bird of prey
  • watching a flying demonstration

Good to know:

  • You can add a spectator for just £10, to observe or to take photos for you
  • You can purchase a gift voucher for this experience 
  • We also offer a 60-minute falconer's workshop for a minimum of 2 people, that's not weather-dependent!
  • We provide all the equipment, just be sure to wear outdoor shoes and clothing suitable for the weather on the day

Images of the combined falconer's workshop and bird of prey experience