The Falconer's Workshop


The Falconer's Workshop

from 60.00

If you have ever wondered what falconry is all about and how a falconer prepares birds of prey to fly, then this absorbing behind-the-scenes experience is for you!

  • Approximately 60 minutes

  • Experience is exclusive to you / your group, minimum 2 participants

  • Recommended maximum number of participants: 4

  • £60 for 2 participants, £90 for 3, and £120 for 4

  • To order for 2, 3 or 4 people, please select the number of participants you want from the drop-down box below. Leave the quantity at ‘1’. You will see the cost change to £90 for 3, and £120 for 4, above this description

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What will the falconer's workshop experience include?

Typically, this experience includes:

  • the fascinating story of how Steve became a countryman and self-taught falconer

  • hearing about the ancient art of falconry

  • weighing a bird of prey as you discover the importance of weight management in falconry

  • learning about the traditional equipment and terminology still used by falconers today

  • having a go at making your own falconry equipment

Good to know:

Images of the falconer's workshop experience