Fly-fishing with a picnic lunch


Fly-fishing with a picnic lunch

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Ever passed some-one fly-fishing or seen it on TV or in a film and wished you could have a go? Would you love to soak up the peace and tranquility of the riverbank or a quiet lochan? If you’d like to spend some quality time relaxing in beautiful countryside fly-fishing and enjoying fine food and company, then this experience with a picnic lunch is for you.

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  • maximum 4 participants

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What will my fly-fishing with picnic lunch experience include?

Typically, our fly-fishing with picnic lunch lasts for 4 hours and includes:

  • an introduction to the technique/s of fly-fishing

  • a lesson on the lawn before we depart for a nearby fishing spot

  • transport in our Jaguar F-Pace to a nearby lochan or a river (dependent on weather, season and availability)

  • approximately 2 hours fishing’ fishing time, boat or bank

  • picnic lunch, either outdoors or in a traditional fishing hut, featuring the best of local food and drink

This experience is intended for novices. Whilst we are always optimistic about landing a catch, the point of this experience is very much the time you will spend outdoors - it’s about the relaxation and head space as much as it’s about fishing.

We can tailor the fly-fishing to suit your own experience. For example, if you are a more experienced fisherman, you can bring our own gear and we can head straight out to the fishing spot.

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