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A gift voucher from The Scottish Countryman

Our vouchers are purchased in amounts that represent an experience type but your recipient can choose any of our experiences simply by topping up as necessary. For example, if you have bought them an owl experience and they decide to go for an full bird-of-prey experience, they need only to pay the additional £10 on the day. 

Once you have purchased your vouchers, we'll email the voucher/s to you.

If you have any queries or wish to purchase a voucher for a different amount/product not listed here, please email me.

Good to know: 

  • you can by as many vouchers at each price point as you wish. Examples include:

    • 2 x £30 (for 2 hawk experiences) plus 2 x £10 (for 2 spectators) for a family of 4

    • 3 x £35 (for 3 owl experiences) plus 2 x £10 (for 2 spectators) for a family of 5

    • 1 x £45 (for 1 bird of prey experience) plus 1 x£10 (for a spectator) for a couple

  • gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase

  • gift vouchers cannot be refunded, either in part or in full, but they can be transferred to another recipient or topped up to purchase an experience at a higher price. Just email to let us know.

Reviews for gift vouchers

My husband received a gift certificate for a visit to Inspired Falconry. He and I went and took two visiting relatives from Canada with us. The hour we spent with Steve was both informative and fun. We will definitely take others to meet those amazing birds and their expert handler. What an entertaining team they are!
— L.B.