BUYING a gift card

Our gift cards are very popular and have delighted recipients as presents to celebrate Christmas, Father’s Day, a new job, an engagement, a thank you and - of course - birthdays.

  • you can buy a Scottish Countryman gift card for a range of values from £20 to £200.

  • gift cards are emailed, they are not physical cards

  • each gift card has a unique code, which can be used to buy any of my products

  • in the checkout, you can choose to have the gift card emailed to you, or to your recipient

  • you can add a personalised message (up to 80 characters)

  • gift cards never expire

  • gift cards cannot be refunded

  • buy a gift card



USING a gift card

  • when you receive your gift card, you will see the value of the card and the unique gift card number

  • choose the product you wish to buy

  • add it to your cart

  • in the checkout area, apply your unique gift card code

  • if the order total is more than your gift card value, you can complete checkout with another payment method

  • if your order is less than the gift card value, you’ll see the remaining balance at checkout

  • either before or after you purchase your product, email me to arrange the date and time of your experience

  • your gift card never expires

  • your gift card cannot be refunded

  • use your gift card